At play with marbles and tubes

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What can you do with a bag of marbles and a whole bunch of left over wrapping paper tubes? Our prekindergarten kids figured out something fun to do!

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Marble play in a Christmas ball

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Now that I have some time at home with my grandsons, we took out a few marbles and our Christmas balls for a little creativity and play.

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Ten ways to use your noodle

Noodles bring a big variety of playful opportunities into the preschool classroom!

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Making a-maze-ing marble mazes for the preschool classroom

Exploring marbles and mazes in our preschool classroom!

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Marble painting with preschoolers

Marble painting with preschoolers!

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Magnetic marble tubes for the preschool classroom

Collaborating and communicating with each other as the children explored our home made marble run!

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