6 ways to encourage writing in preschool

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There are many different ways to encourage writing skills with preschool aged children.  Today I’m going to share with you some of the ways we encourage beginning writing in our preschool classroom… When it comes to writing, the most important thing to remember is that it should be fun!  Shouldn’t that apply to all learning? From time […]

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DIY Kleenex box (math) games

DIY Math Boxes

Exploring math with these fun do-it-yourself fun math boxes and lots of stuff saved from around the school or house!

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Our names in watercolor

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A child’s name is very special and this simple watercolor activity turned out to be a fun and colorful way for our students to focus on the letters in their name.

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Ten tips for keeping a journal in preschool

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I spent some time jotting down tips from my own experience in exploring journals in the preschool classroom.

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Yarning up letters!

A great tactile way to review the alphabet is by making yarn letters!

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Matching upper and lowercase letters on the light table

A fun way to review the alphabet is by matching upper and lowercase letters on the light table.

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A multipurpose interactive bulletin board

Learning to follow directions can be fun and interactive with this multipurpose interactive bulletin board approach.

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Tools for play inspire the desire to write

Inspiring young children to write by partnering tools for play in preschool…

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The power of play in the early learning environment

Answering the question, “”How will my child be prepared for school if all he does is play in preschool?

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Taking the word-wall beyond the wall

Taking the word wall beyond the wall and into other parts of the early childhood classroom experience.

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Teaching in the Digital Age: Using Audio Recording to Capture Powerful Moments

Audio recordings in the preschool classroom is an excellent way to assess and support learning. Come and learn more about audio recordings as we check out chapter 4 of “Teaching in the Digital Age”.

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Upper and lower case letters in the salt tray

Working on our upper and lower case letter writing in the salt tray…

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Printing in the salt tray in prek

Using the salt trays to promote name recognition and pre-writing skills in PreK!

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Christmas cards in the writing center in preschool

Adding Christmas cards to the writing center had led to all kinds of opportunities to write and create!

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Charting out our Thanksgiving meal in preschool

Charting out our Thanksgiving meal and place settings in circle time!

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Thanksgiving time story telling with symbols in preschool

Telling stories during circle time with symbols and on our own with story symbol cards in our preschool class.

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