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Listening at the easel

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Continuing with our interest in listening, I set up the easel for my students to enjoy a little listening time as they painted as the easel.

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Let’s listen with a listening tube

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We have been exploring our sense of hearing by listening around the classroom but we started our day by listening with our simple to make listening tubes.

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Five senses discover and explore kit

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Discover and Explore the five senses with this fun DIY Five Senses Discover and Explore Kit!

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15 Fabulous fingerplays and facts

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Having a set of fingerplays in your toolbox of teaching skills is a must do for anyone working in an early childhood environment.

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Musical Chairs Art: inspired by The Artful Parent

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The beautiful book “The Artful Parent” inspired this fun activity – Musical Chairs Painting!

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Buttons, buttons, and more buttons

Reading “Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons” then we were off to have a little fun of our own with bright and colorful buttons!

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Teaching in the Digital Age: Using Audio Recording to Capture Powerful Moments

Audio recordings in the preschool classroom is an excellent way to assess and support learning. Come and learn more about audio recordings as we check out chapter 4 of “Teaching in the Digital Age”.

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The art of music in preschool

Exploring the sounds of music in a most unusual way in our preschool classroom…

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Head outdoors for a listening walk

We read the children’s book, “The Listening Walk” by Paul Showers then headed outdoors with a checklist in hand to do our own listening walk!

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The listening game and celebrating National Book Week 2012

Enjoying the wonderful book “The Listening Walk” by Paul Showers and playing a super silly listening game!

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Easter egg math

A terrific exercise in math and listening skills using plastic Easter eggs in our preschool classroom.

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A kitchen timer and a preschooler

The use of an egg timer to promote play and learning in preschool!

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We made doggies in preschool

This doggy project was more about using our listening ears and organizing our materials than it was a project for creative art although there was some creativity involved as well. Each of the children were given precut pieces of construction paper to put together their own dog for the Letter of the Week – The […]

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