light table

Painting on the light table

With my new light table all ready to go, I just had to play with it here at home and the first thing I wanted to try was a little painting… Now keep in mind that this is my DIY light table so there is no plug or electricity and because the lid is totally […]

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DIY: Making a mini-light box for preschool

Once I start trying to figure out an idea, I tend to go overboard so I hope I am not driving everyone crazy with all the light box posts. I have one more very simple light box idea to share and I think I will have given you all my best efforts of creating a […]

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Update: Tweaking my DIY light table

Since my original post on creating my own light table, I have received all kinds of wonderful ideas on how to improve on my plan. I thought I should share the ideas with you so you can decide what will work best for you… The first suggestion was to paint the inside of my plastic […]

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Have fun with button lights in preschool

I love those little surprises that come up along the way and this is one of those times where the best things come when the child leads the way! While I was busy making my light table, Wy was busy playing with the button lights… At first I wasn’t paying attention but then I realized […]

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DIY light table for preschool

On my wish list is a brand new light table but I have a very long wish list and not much patience. After seeing so many wonderful light table ideas and reading a bunch of amazing ideas on Teach Preschool on Facebook about using a light table, I decided to try making my own… This […]

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DIY: colorful discs for the light table in preschool

I am not so lucky as my sweet friend Leeanne over at Kreative Resources who managed to find a free set of plexiglass discs to use on her light table. In fact, I don’t even have a light table! But after reading several ideas from others, I have managed to make my own discs and […]

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