Creating with lids in preschool

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See more ideas on how to expand the learning in the preschool classroom by inviting the children to create with lids!

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Learning with lids in preschool

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Lids are a wonderful resource to invite all kinds of early learning and development. We spent the day learning with LOTS of lids in our preschool classroom!

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Building life skills with lid soup!

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Be sure to keep saving up those lids because you will need lots of them for lid soup waterplay!

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Lots of lids

Offering a variety of bottles and lots of lids proves to be a challenging invitation for children to solve this puzzle.

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Patterning with partners and lids

Patterning with partners is a fun and cooperative way to explore important math and language skills.

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DIY play dough magnets for the magnetic board

Keep a hot glue gun around in your preschool classroom and make your own magnets for the magnetic board!

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DIY Bugs on the sticky table

Having fun with a new DIY sticky bug toy for our sticky table in preschool!

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Exploring the estimation station in pre-k

Exploring estimation and counting with our fun new estimation station in pre-k!

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Making lid soup at home with a two year old

I had a surprise visit from little Wy this week and we needed something to do so I set out the little table and chairs I keep in my office and a basket of dishes for us to play with… Wy set out all the dishes and that is when I realized that we need […]

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Using lids to play with a purpose in preschool

I have been collecting small lids from milk jugs and juice jugs. I don’t really have a lot but I keep the ones I have saved in a small plastic pickle jar that I saved as well. To the untrained eye, these lids look like… well they just look like lids. But what I see […]

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What you can do with lids in preschool

I am fixing this so please check back – the links do work but I have to update pictures! Here are a few wonderful ideas posted on what you can do with lids in your preschool classroom… Just click on each picture to see the blog post!

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