Letter Recognition

Simple and fun alphabet review in preschool

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Exploring leaves outside and extending the fun inside with our Alphabet Tree letter review!

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Exploring letters with leaves

Exploring letters on Leaves!

Exploring the letters of the alphabet or even your child’s name with leaves!

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Zz is for a zany zebra

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Exploring the letter Zz by making zebra stripes in preschool!

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I-Spy math bag game

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Today I’m sharing a fun visual discrimination math bag activity that our children loved!

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ABC discover and explore in preschool

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Today, I thought I would share with you our Alphabet box we will use as part of our circletime introduction to each letter this year! Come and join our ABC & 123 linky too!

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Our names in watercolor

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A child’s name is very special and this simple watercolor activity turned out to be a fun and colorful way for our students to focus on the letters in their name.

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Matching upper and lowercase letters on the light table

A fun way to review the alphabet is by matching upper and lowercase letters on the light table.

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Building block drawing game in preschool

A fun way to get preschoolers thinking and talking about letters and numbers while having fun with a little drawing and block play too!

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Stirring up alphabet sensory soup

As a review of the letters and their sounds, the children stirred up some alphabet soup.

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Artwork A collages

Exploring the letter A through a little recycled artwork fun…

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DIY colored glue letters, numbers, and shapes for the light table

Make your own letters and numbers for the light table with colored glue and cookie cutters!

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A year long study of the alphabet

Exploring priorities as I reflect on my preschool year and the letter of the week.

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Upper and lower case letters in the salt tray

Working on our upper and lower case letter writing in the salt tray…

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Exploring newspaper

The children found a variety of newspaper activities to explore in our preschool classroom today…

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Inchworm gluing and painting activity in pre-kindergarten

Making paper inchworms from the letter “i” then hiding them in the grass so the birds wont be able to find them!

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Exploring upper and lowercase letters with my preschoolers

Exploring upper and lower case letters with my preschoolers…

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