Participating in a preschool leaf exchange

One of the wonderful things about online networking in early childhood education is the chance to participate in unique activities like a leaf exchange… I hadn’t really thought about how not every state has a true fall season like we do here in Indiana. The leaf exchange is designed to share leaves that are common […]

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Crunchy leaf science and math in preschool

The trees in my back yard are all starting to change colors. I live in the middle of the woods so finding an ample supply of fall leaves is not a problem… Fall leaves lend themselves to wonderful opportunities for scientific discovery. For every science activity, I like to start with a question… How long […]

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Making game mats for preschool

Making homemade game mats can lead to surprising learning opportunities!

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Preschool symmetrical activity: Finish the leaf

This is an interesting symmetrical fall activity to try! Cut out a leaf and fold it in half… Open and cut on the fold… Glue 1/2 of the leaf to a sheet of construction paper… Now draw the other half…

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