Simple and fun alphabet review in preschool

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Exploring leaves outside and extending the fun inside with our Alphabet Tree letter review!

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Exploring letters with leaves

Exploring letters on Leaves!

Exploring the letters of the alphabet or even your child’s name with leaves!

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Fun with Fall Leaves!

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Today with our preschool class, we explored the different colors that the leaves change into as this season progresses, observing different greens, yellows, oranges, and even browns!

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Fall leaves at the light table

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A really good light table can make all the difference in the classroom experience of using a light table. I am sharing about our new light table and exploring fall leaves with our leaf windows!

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Learning with leaves

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After gathering a set of leaves, the children explored the leaves by sorting them on our table chart and making leaf confetti!

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Sink or Float: an exploration with nature

Sink or Float

Exploring the concept of floating vs. sinking with the help of nature items we collected around our preschool!

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All four seasons at the sticky table

A simple and fun way to explore all four seasons on the sticky table in preschool!

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Goin on a turkey hunt

What’s the best part about Thanksgiving time? Going on a turkey hunt of course!

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Enter to win a Saturn2 95 Laminator by Fellowes

See how we used our Fellowes Saturn2 95 Laminator in preschool and enter to win one for your home or classroom too!

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Feeling the texture of fall

Today, our we used our hands to discover the way the veins on a leaf feels as we created leaf imprints in foil!

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More than just a leaf!

Did you know a leaf can be much more than just a leaf? Come and see what our leaves turned out to be!

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Sorting through the colors of fall

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Taking a walk through our “forest” to gather up the colors of fall!

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Graphing leaves in preschool

Exploring the basics of graphing in preschool with the leaves of fall!

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Outdoor fall parachute play in preschool

Enjoying the last few pretty days of fall outdoors with this fun parachute game in preschool.

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Simple fall leaf finger painting in preschool

Making simple and no-mess fall leaf finger paintings in preschool.

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Going on a leaf hunt in preschool

The children loved using their very own checklists as they went on a leaf hunt today in preschool.

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