Literacy Beginnings | Chapter 20 | Names

The most powerful and effective way for children to begin learning the complex process of learning about letters is by writing their own names." ~Carol Lyons Retrieved from Literacy Beginnings on July 25, 2011 Today I am sharing the highlights from Chapter 20 Names: A Powerful resource for Literacy Learning by Pinnell and Fountas. This is one chapter from this amazing book blog party sponsored by Vanessa over at Pre-K Pages. Names According to Pinnell [...]

Fun with color words in preschool

Through out the school year the children have been exploring all of their colors and color words. Last week, the children reviewed many of their colors through different kinds of paint and sensory materials... Some of the children finger painted their color words... Others sprinkled some colored salt on their color words... The salt was turned orange by mixing a small amount of orange food color into the salt then stirring and stirring until all [...]

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Writing the letter of the week

Each week, when a new letter is introduced, the teacher invites each child to come up and try to print the letter on the dry erase board. The teacher begins by printing a capital and lower case letter on the board first - she identifies each letter as she is writing them for the children to see. Then each child comes up and takes a turn to print the letter. The children in this class [...]