Torn paper grouchy ladybugs

Exploring the wonderful books of Eric Carle. Today, we are reading “The Grouchy Ladybug” and making our own ladybugs too!

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Creating ladybugs in preschool

Sometimes, when an activity is planned, it doesn’t turn out as the teacher might envision. The children painted their paper plates red the day before and left them overnight to dry. The teacher was all prepared with black sticker dots, the painted paper plates, and black pipe cleaners. The sticker dots would not stick to […]

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Twos can create ladybugs in preschool too!

The two year old class made their ladybugs a little differently then the ladybugs made by the threes class posted yesterday… Red crayons to color the back of a paper plate and dot painters to make the dots… Then a piece of black construction paper for the head…. And then it was time to add […]

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Counting ladybug dots in preschool

The children played a simple lady bug game today… The children matched the number of dots to the number of dots on the lady bug. Everyone had a turn giving it a try… They counted together as they worked together… The pom-poms made nice dots that felt good to the sense of touch… This was […]

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Make a ladybug book with your preschoolers

With spring coming there are so many wonderful bugs that can be explored. I love to bring in books about bugs and one of my favorites is Eric Carle’s “The Grouchy Ladybug” book. I also love to have my students create their own ladybug book.  Each child is given a red construction paper circle that […]

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