The amazing journey of getting Ready for Kindergarten! : a book study and give-away

Ready for Kindergarten! is a comprehensive, yet clear and easy-to-follow book but I am a blogger who LOVES pictures! As a way to extend several (of the many) topics found throughout the book, my fellow bloggers are participating in a journey through Ready for Kindergarten! by expanding on and illustrating at least one topic of their choice through their own beautiful ideas and photos. And a give-away too!

Ready for Kindergarten

Ready for Kindergarten offers simple to follow guidance and tips for where to focus your energy, how to support the learning that naturally takes place, and how to make the most of your child's pre-kindergarten year.

Fun with colorful bubble science in kindergarten

As I have mentioned many times before, I love all the ideas you can find on other blogs but there are times that I will read an idea but not really give it a chance. Sometimes, it isn't that the children aren't ready to try something new or different - the problem is that we as teachers aren't always ready to try something new or different. I can't tell you how many times I have [...]

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Q is for queen in kindergarten and big bottles of glue

I always enjoy visiting the kindergarten classes and seeing how much they can do. This week the children were working on the letter Q and part of their "work" was making their very own queens. Before getting started on this type of activity, the teacher has already shared with the children what will be included in the process. She gives them some direction as to how to create their queen and where to find the [...]

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