Ketchup and Mustard waterplay

Along with our dramatic play with the grill, our painting on the grill, and our ketchup and mustard squeeze painting, we enjoyed some ketchup and mustard waterplay... The original intent of this water table was to wash and dry dishes (which they did earlier that day) but the boys wanted to squeeze the left over yellow and red paint into the table after we were done painting. Since the bottles were pretty much empty, I thought [...]

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Ketchup and mustard squeeze painting in preschool

Yesterday I shared about how we painted on the grill for our barbecue dramatic play day and today I want to show you our ketchup and mustard squeeze painting... The mustard and ketchup bottles actually contain red and yellow paint... The canvas is a large piece of currigated cardboard that I cut up into squares... Squeeze painting tip One suggestion I would like to make to those of you who are concerned about squeeze painting. Try [...]

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Painting on the grill in preschool

To go along with our pretend barbecue, the boys had fun with a little ketchup and mustard painting on the grill... First we used a basting brush to spread a little ketchup and mustard (red and yellow paint) on our grill (aluminum pan with holes in it)... The paint flowed through the holes leaving fun little dots on our red paper... At first, we had only set out yellow paint in a mustard container for [...]

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