At play with baby: hello hands!

Baby Clara has two hands!

Clara uses her hands to tear paper…

Clara uses her hands to reach for the ball…

Clara uses her hands to squeeze her soft toys…

Clara uses her hands to feel her bumpy ball…

Clara uses her hands to hold her bottle…

Clara uses her hands to put things in her mouth…

Clara uses her hands to help her crawl on the floor…

Clara’s mommy took pictures of Clara’s hands and made a special book of Clara’s hands!

Clara likes to look at her hands in the special book…

Clara’s mommy put pictures of Clara’s hands above the changing table…

Now Clara and her mommy can talk about Clara’s hands while she is getting her diaper changed. This keeps Clara’s attention so she doesn’t roll around while having her diaper changed.

Clara’s mom made exploring hands a fun and practical experience!

Infant Lesson Plan

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At play with baby: bouncing balls

A big ball, medium ball, and a small ball too…

A red ball, yellow ball, and one the color blue…

What can Clara do with three balls on the ground?

She can push them, and follow them, and roll them around!

The small ball is soft…

The red ball is bumpy…

The blue ball is smooth…

The balls are no longer sitting on the ground but Clara found them as she looked all around!

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At play with baby: shiny paper

What is baby Clara doing today?

She’s getting ready for the holidays!

Paper red, silver, and gold…

This paper feels a little bit cold!

Cut the paper into small pieces and stick to laminating paper…

And Clara can explore some more!

See what Clara’s mommy made with all that shiny paper…

As with anything you do with babies – always monitor what they do and don’t let them eat the paper!

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At play with baby: in and out

What can baby Clara do with a spoon, and a pan, and a plastic egg?

The egg goes in…

The egg comes out…

The egg gets rolled all about…

Turn the pan over and then Clara can…

Go tap, tap, tap on that funny little pan..

But uh, oh where did the egg go?

There it is! Hiding under that pan.

See more Infant Lesson Plans!

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Infant lesson plan suggestions

My number one request for information is on how to write infant lesson plans so I thought I would share some tips as well as a lesson plan shared with me.

Lesson plan template

Click for MS Word Doc

First of all, you want to start with a lesson plan form of some type. It doesn’t have to be what you see here but this one may be helpful to use as a guide.

Lesson Plan Sample

Here is a sample of an infant lesson plan filled out by my friend over at Centers and Circle Time. She created this for me to share with all of you! Thank You Myra!! Click the link below to view…

Infant Lesson Plan by Centers and Circle Time


With infant lesson plans, keep in mind that because infants develop so quickly from one week/month to the next – you will want to either…

  • Create a lesson plan that is for each infant
  • Or create a lesson plan that gives an overview of a theme of ideas and adapt the ideas to the developmental abilities and growth of each infant in your classroom.


I like to think in terms of themes for developing my lesson plans. It may be because it helps me think outside of the box a bit. The theme helps me look for ideas that I may not have otherwise considered.  When I think of a theme, I keep it very tangible and simple – the rule of thumb is to choose themes that a child can use their five senses in some way or themes that are meaningful to the child’s world. Here are a few examples…

Meaningful to the Child’s world Using the Five Senses
Me and My FamilyA Little Yellow Rubber Ducky

Teddy Bear Time

Riding in My Car

Little Lamb, Little Lamb

Hugs and KissesWhat Color do I See?

Soft and Fuzzy

“Honk, honk! goes the horn

Baa, Baa, goes the sheep

Music and Finger plays

For every theme, there is ample supply of simple finger plays you can sing or chant as you hold the infant, rock the infant, or as you help the infant move hands, feet, or body to the sounds and rhythms.  If you don’t know a song then make one up. You can make up about four sentences that rhyme and add it to a tune that you already know and you are good to go!

Little Lamb, Little Lamb,

Soft and white.

Little lamb, little lamb

Say good night!

Planning with Puppets

You can make a puppet for just about every animal or object there is. Each puppet is a theme that you can build your lesson plan on for example….

Theme: Little Lamb, Little Lamb

Puppet: Lamb

Music: Mary had a little lamb

Language: Lamb Little Soft Fuzzy White

Sensory: Soft and Fuzzy cotton ball play

Art: Gluing white cotton balls on a lamb

Movement: Baby follows little lamb puppet by crawling or tracking with eyes.

Social/Emotional: I can hold my little lamb

And each idea would need adapted to the growth and development of each infant but you at least have a plan to work from as you make the adjustments.

Planning with Photos

Photos of things a baby has in his or her everyday world is another resource you can use to build your lesson plan on. For example…

Theme: A Little Yellow Rubber Ducky

Photo: Rubber Ducky

Music: Rubber Ducky Song

Language: Quack, Duck, Yellow

Sensory: Rubber Ducky Water Play

Art: Feather Painting

Movement: Open Close hands while quacking like a duck

Social/Emotional: Where is rubber ducky at my house?

Planning with Books

A quality picture book is a great way to inspire ideas for you to build on. Here are some book titles you can consider. Click here to see more about Books for babies, literacy Activities for babies, and Tips for Reading to Baby.

See more ideas for infant lesson plans here!

Check out these sounds that you can use to as another resources in your infant classroom!

Remember to choose simple objects, ideas, or themes to build on and then adapt to the individual needs of your babies!

Infant lesson books available on Amazon…



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At play with baby: musical instruments

When baby Clara kicks the tambourine it goes “jingle, jingle!”

When baby Clara kicks the maraca it goes “shake, shake!”

The rhythm sticks go “tap, tap, tap!”

“Jingle, jingle, shake, shake, tap, tap, tap!”

I wander if Clara can go clap, clap, clap?

See why reading to your baby is so important from Room to Grow: Making Early Childhood Count.

Leave me a comment and I will respond right here:)

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