Fun with frozen: making ice grow

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Did you know you can make ice grow? See this simple ice science activity in action!

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Ice gems

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Exploring beautiful ice gems in preschool…

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Let’s play color ice hockey

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The weather here is like one giant deep freeze outside which means it is a good time to explore ice like this fun and simple Color Ice Hockey game!

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A few minutes outdoors on a cold winter day helps keep the winter blues away

Dreading those cold winter days? See how just spending a few minutes outdoors can make your whole day a better, happier experience.

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Painting with balls of ice | teens in early childhood education

Exploring the fun of ice painting in a very big box with a preschooler….

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Ice play in preschool

Today, we enjoyed a little ice play. Sometimes the simplest of ideas can be the most enjoyable for young children. The teacher in this class set out a bowl of ice with some cups, smaller bowls, and spoons… The children scooped the ice from one container to the other… And some children used their hands […]

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We didn’t like painting with popsicles in preschool

I almost did not write about this activity because, quite frankly, it wasn’t all that great! But – I decided that it was important to share experiences that don’t work out quite as expected. Each child was given a piece of paper and a Popsicle. I thought they would love seeing how they could draw on the […]

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