What can you find in a people house? Exploring with Dr. Seuss

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We read the Dr. Seuss book “In a People House” and then spent time exploring things you can find in a people house all around our preschool classroom.

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Neighborhood under construction in preschool


This must be at the top of the my list of favorite days/activities we did in the preschool classroom last year. Stop by and see how we built our own neighborhood!

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At play with the sticky board playhouse

Stop by and check out the super fun sticky board play house we made and enjoyed in our preschool classroom!

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Gingerbread shapes and paper houses for preschool

Creating gingerbread houses with pattern blocks and construction paper shapes…

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Painting with hammers on houses in preschool

Another activity we tried in preschool was painting with hammers on houses! I wasn’t able to catch this activity in action but here is the basic idea… A simple white house shape is glued to black construction paper… The children draw doors and windows on their houses. Dip the head of a toy hammer in […]

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Building paper houses in preschool

I just love paper houses made from shapes so when I happened to see these houses hanging up in the classroom, I just had to share them with you. The children glued paper shapes together to create a house then holes were punched down the side of the houses for the children to add paper […]

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