Exploring our flag for Fourth of July in preschool

In celebration of Fourth of July, we had a little discussion on taking care of our flags and then we did a little practice trying to fold them too... We talked about why the flag should not touch the ground. This brought up words like respect, symbol, and freedom... Then we all took turns learning [...]

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DIY valentine boxes and cards for preschool

This is a really cool and simple valentine box and matching valentine cards you can make with your preschooler. Start off with a sheet of poster board and fold it in half - long edge to long edge... Now open it back up and fold the long edges into the center leaving four creases lengthwise [...]

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Learning about Martin Luther King Jr. in preschool

Today was Martin Luther King Day and we took the opportunity to explore concepts such as kindness, peace, speeches, and dreams. I had the opportunity to go to several of our classes today and share this video with the children. I liked how the video talked about MLK in a very simple way. It shares [...]

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We made Christmas tree paper pillows in preschool

This simple Christmas tree was made by our four year olds. The children started by coloring and decorating two green construction paper Christmas tree shapes. Next, they stapled the two trees together leaving a little hole for stuffing... Next, the children gathered two tissues and wadded them up... And then the children stuffed the tissue [...]

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