Make pool safety a priority even though the end of summer draws near

Although school is just around the corner, it is likely that with the days still being so hot, many of you will still be taking your preschoolers for a little dip in the swimming pool. "Two-thirds of childhood drownings occur May through August, making drowning the biggest summertime risk for kids" (RD)  Cara Pettersen wants to remind everyone that even though your children may have been around the pool all summer long, it is important, [...]

Counting children in preschool should really count

Often times teachers only think of counting their students when they are headed out on a field trip or going outdoors to play. But getting into the habit of counting children should start even when you are in the classroom all day! Here are a few tips for keeping safe track of your students... Keep a folder or clipboard with a checklist of names of each of your students on it. Before leaving one room [...]

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Top ten tips for staying healthy in the preschool classroom

It’s that time of year again, time for teachers and students to start getting sick that is.  You don’t have to wait for cold and flu season to officially begin, illness can strike at any time in the classroom, and it loves the beginning of the school year.  One of the most difficult aspects of teaching is staying healthy enough to actually teach, especially in an early childhood classroom where germs can spread like wildfire. [...]

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