I have hands!

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Exploring fingers and hands while the children enjoy the process of making their own handprints!

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Fish in the water

Fish in the Water

Exploring the world of fish though art and a favorite children’s book!

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Painting without the brush

Exploring the preschool painting experience without a brush!

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Exploring carrots and a carrot seed book blog linky

Reading “The Carrot Seed” by Ruth Krauss then extending the book into our wordwall art with this fun and simple handprint carrot!

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Handprint flower fun

Handprints are always more fun when we get to paint our own hands in preschool!

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Handprint color mixing in preschool

This is a super fun process for exploring color mixing with the colors red, yellow, and blue!

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Handprint turkeys in preschool

We finished two Thanksgiving Feast preparations in one day with these adorable handprint turkeys!

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Painting with a mop and a preschooler

Last week, I got a chuckle out of reading “The ‘Correct’ Tools?” and the comments from Mrs. Karen’s Preschool. Towards the end of her post, Karen stated… “The “correct tools” in my classroom are ones that encourage fun, creativity and yes, lots and lots of giggles. Why in this world would anyone settle for just […]

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Making invitations for our Thanksgiving feast in preschool

The children are preparing for a thanksgiving feast at our school. They started by making these turkey hand print invitations. The parents are invited to come in and join the children for the big day… We used fall colors to paint each child’s hand… The palm of the hand is painted brown and the fingers […]

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Hand and footprint art in the preschool classroom

As a parent, there is nothing more precious to me than hanging up a piece of art my child made out of her own hand or footprint. But as a teacher I sometimes observe hand and footprint art activities and simply wonder where the benefit is to the child.  Don’t get me wrong, I think […]

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