The value of scooping and pouring and counting candy corn in preschool

If there is one area in my own professional development that I have come to appreciate more than ever, it is the value of sensory play. I have always included sensory play in my lesson plans but it hasn’t been until this past year that I have really taken the time to sit down with […]

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We made pumpkin suncatchers in preschool

Mrs. R’s kindergarten class made these terrific pumpkins which make wonderful suncatchers! What you will need…. Plastic plate so the pumpkin can be easily removed from the plate after it dries. Orange and black tissue paper Watered down glue Paint brushes How the students made it… The children began by coating a plastic plate with […]

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We made friendly Halloween ghosts in preschool

There are so many different symbols that represent Halloween that are fun to make. I like to keep everything as friendly as possible in the process of letting children have fun with Halloween. The children in the kindergarten class started out by tracing a ghost shape onto black construction paper then they cut the ghost […]

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