DIY Pumpkin Puzzles

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With the help of my preschool students, we came up with our own DIY pumpkin puzzles!

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Let’s make pumpkin seed soup!

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Exploring pumpkins and then having fun exploring the seeds with pumpkin seed soup!

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The value of a paper plate pumpkin

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There is something so simple yet rewarding about making paper plate pumpkins. I know, because I sat down with my class and made my own paper plate pumpkin and while making it, I realized that the process was relaxing, simple, creative, and fun…

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Halloween: Fun Friday features

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Last week, on the Discover and Explore linky, we invited our fellow bloggers to share their favorite Halloween posts.  A lot of really fun activities were linked up.  Some activities were a little creepy!  Some were really cute!  And others were really cool!  Read on to find out our favorites… By this time in the […]

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Not so spooky spiders

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Ghosts and monsters and spiders, oh my!  A fun, and not so spooky, way to celebrate Halloween in preschool is by exploring all the fun and silliness that comes along with this holiday.  Over the past few years, we have had a lot of fun learning about spiders at Halloween.  Today I’m going to share […]

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Pumpkin seed soup

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Exploring the wonderful smell of pumpkin spice and feel of pumpkin seeds through the simple water play experience of making pumpkin seed soup!

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DIY eyeballs for our play dough spiders

Making spiders with our new DIY googly eyes for play dough!

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Super duper spiderweb game for preschoolers

A simple magnetic spider game for preschoolers to play.

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Simple spiders our preschoolers made

We made bright and colorful paper tube spiders in preschool!

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Ghost writing in preschool

See our booootiful ghost writings we made in preschool!

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We made pumpkin exploration cups in preschool

We made exploration pumpkin cups in preschool today!

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Preschool game: All wrapped up like a mummy

For this Halloween game, we used toilet paper to wrap up like a mummy. Some of the children tried to wrap up their own legs and arms which proved to be quite challenging. Many of the two year olds took a minute to warm up to the idea of getting wrapped up at all! But […]

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Preschool game: Don’t get caught in the spider web!

Another game that was played during our Halloween party was the spider web game. To make this game, the teacher starts by having the children pass a ball of yarn around the circle. Then the children hold on to the yarn and pass it across the circle – going back and forth until we have […]

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Fun with skeleton bones in preschool

Today the children had their Halloween party and there were all kinds of activities the children participated in. These children worked together to build a skeleton. They started with the head and worked their way down the body adding arms and hands and legs. The discovered that each arm and leg and two bones. I […]

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We made paper plate pumpkins in preschool

This simple paper plate pumpkin was fun to make. To get started, all you need is… Two paper plates Tissue paper Paint! First we cut some eyes and a mouth out of one of the paper plates. This really is the most challenging part because you have to show the children how they can fold […]

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Itsy bitsy spider day in preschool

Today was itsy bitsy spider day in preschool! There were spiders on the floor, spiders on the tables, spiders in the centers – spiders everywhere! While the two year olds sang the “Itsy Bitsy Spider” song, they made the paper spider climb up the water spout (paper towel tube). Then they played with the spiders […]

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