Father’s Day Book and gift linky

Looking for father’s day gift or classroom ideas? Then come on over and check out this fun Father’s Day linky!

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Simple gift ideas for your child’s preschool teacher

Simple gifts you can get your child’s preschool teacher!

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Father’s day gift idea for preschoolers

Last year, the children at preschool made this cute little Father’s Day gift.  I want to say, before you read on, that I know the spelling of “Duct Tape” is incorrect on the gifts but for some reason, it wasn’t noticed until after the projects were all done! LOL! I still thought it was such […]

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A wordle for mother’s day!

I have been playing around with word clouds and really wanted to have the children at school make a wordle or use a wordle as part of their mother’s day gifts.  I don’t have anything from the school to show you yet but I do have some ideas that I did here at home while […]

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Cookies for Santa cookbook

Our Kindergarten class made these wonderful “Cookies for Santa” cookbooks to give their parents as a Christmas gift. We happened to have a bunch of brown hot pads in a box that was supposed to be used for another project last year but never did. So our kindergarten teacher, Mrs. R., decided they would make […]

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Making Christmas gifts in preschool

I posted this on my old blog and wanted to repost this here. These are some Christmas gifts my daughter made when she was little and some suggestions for you to keep in mind as you consider what your preschoolers can make as Christmas gifts this year…. Photos are always treasured Hanging on my tree […]

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