Guest Post: A homemade light table for preschool

A wonderful version of the DIY light table by Cynthia Tanguay!

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Try the frog leap in preschool

In preschool, the frog leap is just a bit different than the old fashioned leap frog game where you jump over another person’s back… In this classroom, the teacher laminated some lili-pads on the floor for her little frogs to leap across. We have the two-footed leap… The split leap.. The full-body leap (sorry for a […]

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This is a little frog game for preschoolers

Dawn is always so busy making wonderful games and activity boxes for the children at preschool and this is one of her latest games she put together…. She added lili-pads, frogs, and a dice… The children will make up their own rules of how to play the game… The dice is included to promote a […]

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Making game mats for preschool

Making homemade game mats can lead to surprising learning opportunities!

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