Every child needs to feel like they belong

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No matter what challenging behaviors we may face in our classrooms, it is important to remember that every child in the classroom needs to feel like he or she belongs.

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Christmas writing station

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Promoting the spirit of giving along with writing skills and fine motor skills with our Christmas writing station in preschool!

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DIY Friendship Blocks

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Our preschool class is loving our DIY friendship blocks. A great tool for helping the children make new friends and feeling welcomed into the community.

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How to make friends in kindergarten

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How can parents help foster friendships for their Kindergartener when they are not in the classroom themselves? Stop by and see what Sarah has to say!

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Celebrating graduation day in preschool

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We celebrate the students who are moving on to their new schools with a fun, simple, but very memorable preschool graduation.

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Totally Tubular: Creative expression on a tube

Exploring our own version of tubular painting and drawing as we repurposed tubes and a paper dispenser in our preschool classroom!

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Making friendship bracelets in preschool

Working together to make new friends as we explored the process of making friendship bracelets in preschool!

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Working together to create our friendship apple tree

Building community and making new friends as we paint an apple tree together in preschool.

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Sticky table friendship apples

Exploring friendship with the help of little mouse and his apple!

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Building community within a mixed age group of young children

As our partners worked together they were also building a community of learners who support and serve each other.

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The things we can do in preschool

Today was our very first day in preschool and we started off the year by exploring the things we ‘can’ do in preschool…

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Kicking off summer at preschool with a friendship mural

Each class at preschool kicked off the summer with a large group friendship mural… Every mural was different… A large group mural is a great way to promote friendship. As the children participated in making their murals they talked with each other and spent time working together side-by-side to achieve a common goal… Some of […]

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