Fourth of July

Flag inspired easel paintings for the Fourth of July

Add a little Fourth of July inspiration to your easel painting process!

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Have a wonderful Fourth of July!

Hold your flag up high… Join the parade…. Enjoy a day of fun food.. And have a wonderful 4th of July!

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Exploring our flag for Fourth of July in preschool

In celebration of Fourth of July, we had a little discussion on taking care of our flags and then we did a little practice trying to fold them too… We talked about why the flag should not touch the ground. This brought up words like respect, symbol, and freedom… Then we all took turns learning […]

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Fourth of July preschool activities

Looking for Fourth of July preschool activities? I have been bookmarking activities since last year and you can check them all out by going to my Pinterest Fourth of July board! I will be sharing more ideas over at Teach Preschool on Facebook in the next few weeks as well!

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Fourth of July in Preschool

I discovered these little fourth of July collages in a Toddler classroom.  The teacher cutout the shapes then put a squiggle of glue on the paper and then invited the children to come and put some of the construction paper shapes on the blue paper. Here is a fun little activity for you to check […]

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Preschool Ideas for 4th of July

A fun set of ideas to celebrate Fourth of July with preschoolers!!

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