four seasons

Tapping our own magic table top tree

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After tapping and blowing on our book, we went over to the table to essentially retell our story by exploring our own Tap the Magic Tabletop Tree!.

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All four seasons at the sticky table

A simple and fun way to explore all four seasons on the sticky table in preschool!

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Exploring all four seasons in preschool

Through out this week, the children have been exploring the four seasons. For one of our activity boxes, we set out laminated trees and symbols to go on the trees that represent each of the four seasons… Before playing with the four season items, the teacher brainstormed with the children about which season each symbol might […]

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There are four seasons in preschool: summer

The children started off each season by drawing bare trees. Each tree was created on a different day – not all at one time:) For summer, the children tore up strips of green construction paper and glued it to the branches of their trees. I didn’t make into the classroom in time to catch them […]

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There are four seasons in preschool:fall

For each season, the children began by coloring their own tree with bare branches. I enjoyed seeing each child’s interpretation of the bare tree. And as you can see, the canvas they used was a nice large piece of paper… Each day the children created a new tree trunk with branches to prepare for a […]

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There are four seasons in preschool:spring

For spring, the children dipped cotton swabs in lovely spring colors of paint and made blossoms on their trees. Each child drew their own tree with branches using a brown crayon. The children took their time and I think because they used cotton swabs, they naturally made dots rather than rubbing back and forth. Interesting… […]

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There are four seasons in preschool:winter

Our kindergarten class made these four season pictures over several days.  For each season, the children used brown crayons to make bare trees. A total of four trees on separate pieces of paper were made. For winter, the children used white paint mixed with a little salt to make a sparkling winter tree. The children […]

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