Exploring our flag for Fourth of July in preschool

In celebration of Fourth of July, we had a little discussion on taking care of our flags and then we did a little practice trying to fold them too... We talked about why the flag should not touch the ground. This brought up words like respect, symbol, and freedom... Then we all took turns learning how to fold the flag... We worked together in pairs to fold the flags... And we learned how to fold [...]

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Building daily living skills in preschool

There are lots of opportunities for young children to build daily living skills. When my little friend Tristan came over today, I thought we could do some art activities in my studio but he wanted to help me with some cleaning and arranging instead. As we started working together, I realized that this was an opportunity to explore daily living skills so we went with it... Daily living skills can include just about any thing [...]

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Folding paper in preschool

Folding paper is a great way to help young children work on those fine motor skills as well as a way to give children guides for processes like writing, sorting, and counting. This little one spent time coloring a picture this morning and when she was finished, she decided she wanted to fold it up and put it in her cubby. I watched as she worked to fold her paper. She rolled and unrolled the [...]