Flower petal glitter for preschool

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Real flowers are so beautiful in the classroom and before all the petals naturally fall of this set of colorful flowers, I decided to turn the petals into an array of flower petal glitter.

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Fall flower water science

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Yesterday I shared with you how we explored and collected the colors of fall flowers and today I want to share with you our fall flower water science.

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Exploring the colorful flowers of fall

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Since our leaves haven’t changed color yet we introduced fall colors by exploring the flowers of fall and soon we will explore fall leaves.

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DIY fingerprint paint pads and bugs

DIY Paint Pad

We love making fingerprint bugs and flowers and now we have a new fingerprint pad to help the process run more smoothly!

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Dandelion blow painting

Dandelion Blow Painting

This year we had more dandelions than I have ever seen surrounding our wooded area so we put all those dandelions to good work in our preschool classroom.

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Bright and beautiful water bottle flower painting in preschool

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Painting up bright and beautiful flowers with a water bottle and a fork! A super simple and yet amazing way to put a little spring on the art wall!

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Flower painting at the easel

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My class did such an amazing job exploring this flower painting process at the easel that I just can’t help but share our latest experience!

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Patterning a garden

Our preschoolers explored and created colorful patterns in our paper flower gardens.

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14 fun flower activities for preschoolers

Here are 14 fun flower activities that you can explore with your preschoolers.

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Booking across the USA : Indiana

Come and explore Indiana then scroll on down to check the other posts being shared by my fellow bloggers about their own states in “Booking Across the USA!”

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Flower challenge | Fine motor flower fun

This simple flower idea is a terrific way to combine scientific discovery with fine motor fun!

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Cupcake flowers on the easel

Exploring the easel painting process by making cupcake flower paintings in preschool.

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Looking at our world through a window book

Taking a closer look at things in our world through our nature window books…

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Planting for mother’s day

Getting ready for Mother’s Day by planting seeds in our gardening center…

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Simple tissue paper flowers

Simple tissue paper flowers for promoting fine motor strength and control…

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From seed to flower at the sticky table

Enjoying the sticky table experience as we explore the growth of seeds to flowers!

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