Firetruck fun in preschool!

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Firetrucks is a favorite of our preschool age children. We explored firetrucks all throughout fire safety week both inside and outdoors!

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Putting out fires with our DIY fire extinguishers!

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We are coming to the end of our week on fire safety and let me tell you, it has been one busy week! I thought of so many ways we could explore fire safety and a hands down favorite of the week was putting out fires with our DIY fire extinguishers… I found a little fire fighter […]

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We made shapely fire trucks in preschool

We created construction paper shaped firetrucks in preschool!

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Fire station role play in preschool

Role playing with the table top fire station in our preschool class.

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Abstract fire truck art in preschool

We created wonderful pieces of firetruck abstract art from colorful strips of tape in our preschool class!

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We played fire station in preschool

We provided fire station activity boxes for our continuing study of community helpers. I shared the idea of making our own fire stations from a post I read at No Time for Flashcards… Along with the fire stations we set out some fire trucks and then added some waffle blocks to extend the play a […]

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