The butterfly unit in preschool

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My students and I loved the experience of exploring and observing the growth of a caterpillar to a butterfly!

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Ten fun ways to use a flannel board

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Check out the 10 different ways you can use a felt board in the preschool classroom!

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Simple shape games on the felt board

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The kinds of games we play with the felt board are not all that complicated and all I really need are just a few bight and colorful felt pieces and I have everyone’s attention.

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Learning about our bodies is fun with felt

Felt Anatomy

Asia from Fun at Home with Kids is sharing this amazing life size anatomy made from felt (along with the help of her adorable daughter). Stop by to read all about it!

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An octopus has eight legs and so do we!

An octopus had 8 legs

When I told the children that they actually can have eight legs like an octopus, they told me that this could not be possible. So I had to show them that they could!

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Light table explorations

Exploring the light table doesn’t have to be complicated or all planned out. Everyday things in the classroom are just as fun too!

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Building our very own cars in preschool

A super simple book and idea for exploring the parts of a car with preschool age children!

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From seed to flower at the sticky table

Enjoying the sticky table experience as we explore the growth of seeds to flowers!

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Every day flannel board play

Have fun with flannel boards everyday in preschool. Come see how we use our flannel boards and join the flannel board linky too!

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Five little monsters went to preschool

A cute book to kick off a discussion of classroom rules in preschool and fun with monsters too!

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DIY: Make your own flannel board for preschool

Making your own flannel board for preschool is simple and it is a great tool for teaching young children!

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