A Guidecraft educator review and give-away : Barnyard Activity Boxes

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This month our Guidecraft Educator Team is reviewing and giving away one set of Barnyard Activity Boxes! Come and check it out!

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Making horses in preschool with sticks and yarn

The past week the children at preschool have been exploring animals on the farm. In one of the activity boxes were craft sticks and some strips of yarn… It wasn’t obvious to the children how these materials could be used to make farm animals so I sat at a table and made my own horse. […]

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We made piggies in preschool

This week the children have been making all kinds of animals and vegetables that can be found at the Indiana State Fair.  Where it is possible, it is always a good idea to help preschoolers connect the dots between what is going on in their community, home, and at school. Today, we made piggies! We […]

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Farm week in preschool

The children in this class spent the week exploring all about the farm. They explored a variety of activities including how to create the form of a tractor out of shapes. For sensory, the children drove tractors in (and around) the dirt. The children discovered the feel and shape of lima beans. The children then […]

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