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Earth day discovery bottles

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Explore Earth day anytime throughout the year with these Earth day discovery bottles!

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A pinteresting Earth day globe for preschoolers

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In our continued celebration of Earth day, the children explored the process of pinning the things we care for to a rather unique DIY globe!

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Around the world | an Earth day game

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We took our Earth day ball outdoors on a bright and sunny day and played a game called, “Around the World!”

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Our Earth rocks: a pour painting activity

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To continue our celebration of Earth day we created Earth-inspired pour painted rocks!

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Sorting recyclables in preschool

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We’re celebrating Earth Day! A great way to show that we care about the Earth is by recycling. See how we sorted recyclables in preschool.

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Making nature paint to explore the colors and textures of nature

A fun way to combine the exploration of nature with the painting process…

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Making a trashy collage for earth day

Exploring how to help take care of our earth while making this simple trashy collage in preschool!

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Earth Day blog hop: earth day fishing game

Someone left a few things that don’t belong in our fish pond : an Earth Day game and book for preschoolers!

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Egg carton challenge: painting bubbles

It’s an egg carton creative challenge and today we painted bubbles!

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Earth day blog hop: Give the earth a little spin

Spin up some Earth Day fun with this fun book and activity for preschoolers!

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An earth day poem: What do you see?

I wrote this little earth day poem based on the story “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?” by Bill Martin Jr. and  Eric Carle. Teacher, teacher what do you see? I see lady bugs, sorting, and counting games looking at me…. Teacher, teacher what do you see? I see paper animals, trees, flowers, […]

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Tissue box challenge: making simple squares in preschool

I just love a challenge because it makes me think “outside of the box” – yes pun intended… JDaniel4’s Mom and The Activity Mom are hosting this fun little challenge as a creative way to recognize earth week. The challenge is to make something out of a tissue box! I really am not all that […]

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A collection of earth day ideas for preschool

A collection of earth day activities for preschoolers!

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