Window tracing on a sunny day

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Exploring our names and other shapes through window tracing!

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Five tips for taking preschool journals outside

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Come and see these five tips shared for taking preschool journals outside.

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Ten tips for keeping a journal in preschool

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I spent some time jotting down tips from my own experience in exploring journals in the preschool classroom.

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A pinteresting Earth day globe for preschoolers

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In our continued celebration of Earth day, the children explored the process of pinning the things we care for to a rather unique DIY globe!

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Building block drawing game in preschool

A fun way to get preschoolers thinking and talking about letters and numbers while having fun with a little drawing and block play too!

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Rockin’ drawings

Our children created some rockin’ drawings out of just a few simple materials.

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Creating colorful rocks in preschool

We read the delightful little story You be You by Linda Kranz and enjoyed creating our own colorful rocks in preschool.

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“O” how we love to estimate

Estimating, counting, and drawing with the help of a cup full of cheerios in preschool!

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Hearts you can count on

Hearts are a wonderful shape for sorting, graphing, counting, estimating, and more! Come and see how we put our hearts and minds to work as we explored a little heart math fun!

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Salt tray heart printing and writing

Introducing and exploring the writing and printing process through the use of salt trays in preschool…

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Totally Tubular: Creative expression on a tube

Exploring our own version of tubular painting and drawing as we repurposed tubes and a paper dispenser in our preschool classroom!

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Designing our own shiny gem ornament graphs

We added a little sparkle to the graphing process! Young children exploring the graphing process with the use of gems and rulers.

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Easel paper presents

The children created their own easel paper presents through this simple easel starter!

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Our Thanksgiving chart

We shared what we were thankful for through this interesting chart making process.

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Six unique ways to use scrap wood in preschool

There are so many wonderful ways preschoolers can explore scrap wood. Stop by and see some of the unique ways we are exploring in our classroom!

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Ants on a log counting and drawing game

Counting and drawing our own ants and exploring our outdoor log maze too!

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