dramatic play

A visit to the apple market : an apple dramatic play center

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We had an amazing week exploring the Apple Market dramatic play center in preschool!

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The water play kitchen

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A fun summer of water play all set up in our out door water play kitchen!

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Waking up our bears

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We are waking our bears after a long winter’s sleep. Come and see our celebration of our hibernation in preschool!

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Sailing across the deep blue sea

Props for Play

Extending our pirate story with a few props for dramatic play and story telling…

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Make and play with Venus Fly Traps

Venus Fly Trap

Making and playing with the most unusual yet fun plant: the Venus Fly Trap in preschool!

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At play with the sticky board playhouse

Stop by and check out the super fun sticky board play house we made and enjoyed in our preschool classroom!

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DIY pizza box kitchen

Enjoying the dramatic play experience with our fabulous new DIY pizza box kitchen stove and sink!

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Everyday holiday play in the preschool classroom

Take time for play all throughout the holiday season!

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Tools for play inspire the desire to write

Inspiring young children to write by partnering tools for play in preschool…

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Promoting communication skills in preschool

One of the best ways to promote communication skills is to hand the children tools for play…

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Everyday dramatic play in preschool and a linky

Dramatic play leads to wonderful opportunities in learning and development. Check out our simple office and come join in the dramatic play linky too!

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Part two: Baby day in preschool

Part two of baby day in preschool!! A day of celebrating together a new baby and becoming an older sibling.

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Christmas bow magnetic play in preschool

Lot’s of choices, lots of dramatic play, and lots of fun with this simple magnetic Christmas bow activity in preschool!

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Introducing the Little Lectern from Guidecraft

Check out the Little Lectern sent to me by Guidecraft and learn how you can enter to win one for your preschoolers!

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Hibernating bears in preschool

Having fun with bears and caves today as we explored hibernation in preschool.

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Pumpkin patch scavenger hunt in preschool

I created our very own pumpkin patch at preschool so the children could go on a pumpkin scavenger hunt!

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