Dr. Seuss

Building up the word “up!”

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Exploring the word “up” through a fun building block and dice game.

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What can you find in a people house? Exploring with Dr. Seuss

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We read the Dr. Seuss book “In a People House” and then spent time exploring things you can find in a people house all around our preschool classroom.

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Exploring space with Dr. Seuss

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In celebration of Dr. Seuss week, our Pre-Kindergarten class enjoyed the book “There’s No Place like Space” as well as a few space related activities we had set up to explore around the classroom.

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Upside down, wacky weaving

Reading Dr. Seuss “Wacky Wednesday” and exploring wacky weaving in the preschool classroom.

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Reading Dr. Seuss: Wacky Wednesday

Our class came to preschool and enjoyed the fun and crazy antics of the Dr. Seuss book titled, “Wacky Wednesday.”

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Exploring Dr. Seuss stripes in preschool…

Counting and creating with our Dr. Seuss stripes in our prek classroom!

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Exploring feet with Dr. Seuss

Reading Dr. Seuss “The Foot Book” then using our feet for painting in preschool!

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Exploring teeth with Dr. Seuss

Following up Dr. Seuss’ “The Tooth Book” with a little tooth math and art in preschool!

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Linky up to Dr. Seuss week in preschool

I have seen so many wonderful activities this past week related to Dr. Seuss Birthday Week that I can just barely keep up. I was hoping that if you have a preschool related blog post about a favorite Dr. Seuss book, that you would link up here! The students at our school have been busy […]

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Creating green eggs and ham in preschool

The children made their own green eggs and ham as a part of their time in creative art… The teacher supplied the children with a tub of white glue and shave cream mixed together for the egg whites… The children glued a piece of foam “green ham” on their paper plate… Then dipped some “egg […]

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Green eggs and ham activity box in preschool

For pretend play and to extend the Dr. Seuss story “Green Eggs and Ham”, the children were supplied with foam cutouts to make their own green eggs and ham sandwiches… The pink was for the ham, the green for the eggs, and I think the white is for the yolk, and the brown is for […]

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Green eggs and ham in preschool

In celebration of Dr. Seuss Birthday we made real green eggs (sorry but without the ham) in our pre-k class… The children started out by listening to the story “Green Eggs and Ham” by Dr. Seuss… Then the children helped their teacher whip up a batch of their own green eggs to try. Connecting the […]

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Making patterns with Dr. Seuss’s hat!

On March 2nd, we will be celebrating the birthday of Dr. Seuss.  We have a few ideas planned and a few activity boxes prepared as well. This is our “Cat in the Hat” activity box. It is simply several laminated Dr. Seuss hats cut from red construction and a set of laminated strips of construction […]

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