Polka dot painted fish

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We recently spent time exploring “under the sea” and the children created one of our old favorite paper plate activities – the polka dot painted fish.

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The itsy bitsy play about spiders in prek

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Our Pre-K class explored the Itsy Bitsy Spider by making an itsy bitsy play. We began by talking about four key words in our song: spout, rain, sun, and spider.

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Designing with dominoes

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Previously, I shared with you a couple of our domino math activities so today, I am sharing the creative side of playing with dominoes.

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Exploring numbers with lines and dots

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We spent time exploring numbers and drawing lines by making our own dot-to-dots after reading the book “Chicka Chick 123″ by Bill Martin Jr.

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Hanging out with an octopus

Hanging Octopus

We have been exploring a broad range of under the sea and water type activities and one of our mornings was spent exploring and making the popular sea creature called an octopus!

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Lots and lots of dots

A colorful and simple process to go with the wonderful children’s book “Lots of Dots.”

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This is what happens when you give a set of stickers to a set of kids

Making the rounds in social networking has been this wonderful post titled, “This is What Happens when you Give Thousands of Stickers to Thousands of Kids.” from Colossal. This post shares the wonderful artwork called, “The Obliteration Room.” If you haven’t taken a look at their sticker dot covered white room yet, it is worth […]

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Let your preschoolers press here!

We read the book titled, “Press Here” and then had fun making our own “Press Here” booklets!

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DIY: Make your own dot dabbers for preschool

I love dot dabbers and as I prepare for the up and coming preschool year, I have been making my list of things I need to restock. I use up dot dabbers pretty quickly so I added them to the list but then I got to wondering if I could possibly make my own dot […]

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