Discovery Bottles

Simple child made discovery bottles

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My students enjoy making their own discovery bottles only their version is a little more simple than the ones they find sitting around the window seal of my outdoor classroom.

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Rubber loom bands in a discovery bottle

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These brightly colored rubber band loom bands were perfect for making our very own discovery bottles!

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Planets in a bottle

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My prekindergarten age students enjoyed talking about and making their own planets in a bottle!

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Earth day discovery bottles

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Explore Earth day anytime throughout the year with these Earth day discovery bottles!

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Discovery Bottles (P – T)

Find out how discovery bottle can make a wonderful way to boost your experience in science and in play!

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Discovery Bottles (K – O)

More on the A-Z’s of Discovery Bottles. Discover how to incorporate nature and kid-friendly toys into your discovery bottles!

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ABC’s of Discovery Bottles (F – J)

Continuing with the A-Z series of discovery bottles. Today’s bottles include letters F for fine motor through J for Discovery Jar. Stop by and see what all the discovery bottle excitement is about!

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ABC’s of Discovery Bottles (A – E)

Come and learn about the engaging world of discovery bottles. This series will give you tips for making discovery bottles as well as examples of different kinds of discovery bottles.

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Snowman in a bottle

Next week, I will be sharing a series on discovery bottles as my part of the Kid Blogging Network series titled “The ABC’s of…”.  This series will run all throughout the week of January 7th through January 11th and there are tons of bloggers who will be sharing all kinds of posts from the ABC’s […]

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A pine needle in a bottle

Making and exploring pine needle discovery bottles in the preschool classroom.

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Reading “The Popcorn Book” by Tomie dePaola and more popcorn action

Reading “The Popcorn Book” by Tomie dePaola and exploring the facinating world of popcorn in our outdoor classroom and discovery table!

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Pumpkin head discovery bottles

Making and exploring pumpkins with our very own DIY pumpkin heads!

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Light table explorations

Exploring the light table doesn’t have to be complicated or all planned out. Everyday things in the classroom are just as fun too!

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The discovery of color in a bottle

Enjoying the process of adding discovery bottles to my preschool classroom for light table and other types of play and exploration!

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