Dinosaurs: Fun Friday features

Today I'm sharing a few of my favorite posts that were linked up to our Discover and Explore dinosaur linky party.  We had so many cool sensory bins, excavations, fossils, and play dough activities shared that it was really hard to choose favorites... Little Bins for Little Hands shared this really fun icy dinosaur excavation that would be a perfect way to stay cool on a hot summer day... Happy Hooligans shared a really beautiful [...]

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Discover and explore dinosaur eggs

This week our Discover and Explore team has chosen to share with you simple activities you can do to promote and talk about dinosaurs and fossils. As part of our dinosaur adventures, my students found this very interesting dinosaur nest sitting on the table in our outdoor classroom filled with dinosaur eggs.

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Digging up dinosaurs in preschool

It doesn't matter how old the preschoolers are, they all seem to equally enjoy digging up dinosaurs... For one of our activity boxes this week, we set out a container of sand with dinosaurs, spoons, cups, shells, and magnifying glasses. The goal was to try and create a dinosaur landscape for the children to explore through sand play... This activity was never just sitting at a table being ignored. There was always someone who wanted [...]

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More with dinosaurs in preschool

We needed a quick song to sing with the children today so my colleague and I begin brainstorming dinosaur words that we could use to go with music we were already familiar with... We had a few songs we had found in books but they were too long or complicated for us to actually remember without having to print out the words. We needed something quick, fun, and simple... So after brainstorming a bit we [...]

What do dinosaurs say in preschool?

Ask the children "What do dinosaurs say?" and they will all shout a big "Roar!" So I plan ahead for when I really want to ask a question like this:) This may seem silly but I do actually think about what questions I want to ask and when I want to ask them... I love to ask questions while children are at play or creating but I don't want to interrupt their natural play or [...]

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We made dinosaur feet in preschool

This week, the fours class focused on the letter 'D'. The children explored dinosaurs as part of the letter 'D' experience. To make dinosaur feet, the children started off by tracing and cutting out the shape of their own feet from a sheet of green construction paper... Next, the children glued their foot-shapes to a larger sheet of manila paper. My sample below shows brown construction paper triangles but the children added triangular shaped claws to [...]

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