Cutting Skills

Paper towel shape art for preschoolers

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In today’s post, I am sharing an opportunity to explore shapes and color through a very simple and engaging artsy experience.

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The reflection table

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I love to find things to use in my classroom that invite curiosity or renew interest in an old activity. Today, I want to introduce you to what I like to call “the reflection table.”

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Learning with leaves

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After gathering a set of leaves, the children explored the leaves by sorting them on our table chart and making leaf confetti!

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Exploring the colorful flowers of fall

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Since our leaves haven’t changed color yet we introduced fall colors by exploring the flowers of fall and soon we will explore fall leaves.

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Hanging out with an octopus

Hanging Octopus

We have been exploring a broad range of under the sea and water type activities and one of our mornings was spent exploring and making the popular sea creature called an octopus!

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Artwork A collages

Exploring the letter A through a little recycled artwork fun…

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The tools we use in preschool

For our very first day of preschool, we jumped right in and explored the tools we use in preschool.  The “teaching” goal of our day was to give the children a chance to learn about our classroom and where to find our “tools” and how to use or take care of our tools. .. During […]

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Rainbow slime in preschool

Mixing up some rainbow slime in preschool!

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Snowflake puzzles in preschool

There are lots of snowflake ideas out there and at the end of this post, I have collected a few links to other ideas that I would love to try. But first, let me share with you this simple snowflake puzzle we made this past week. The PreK children in this class were given a […]

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Holiday activity boxes for preschool play

One of the most invaluable employees in our preschools is our curriculum coordinator. She has a huge responsibility and is amazing at her job.  One of her many jobs is to create and prepare what we call mini- “centers” or they could be referred to as “work boxes” or as “activity boxes”. Mrs. F is […]

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G is for Green grass cutting skills in preschool

I like to work on a little snipping practice when first introducing cutting skills to young children. To try a little green grass snipping, start with a half sheet of green construction paper… Invite the children to snip little lines all the way down one long edge of the construction paper. Then show the children […]

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