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A whole lot of holes!

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We discovered that there are a whole lot of holes to be explored all throughout the preschool classroom!

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I have hands!

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Exploring fingers and hands while the children enjoy the process of making their own handprints!

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Fun with Fall Leaves!

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Today with our preschool class, we explored the different colors that the leaves change into as this season progresses, observing different greens, yellows, oranges, and even browns!

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The art wall

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A DIY art frame made for hanging up children’s art!

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Take the plunge into plunger painting!

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Have you taken the plunge into plunger painting yet? Don’t want to miss out!

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Using spools as tools for play

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These awesome large cardboard spools are terrific for use as tools for play in all content areas!

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Spools of fun!

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We engineered up our own paint rollers by upcycling cardboard spools!

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Flower petal glitter for preschool

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Real flowers are so beautiful in the classroom and before all the petals naturally fall of this set of colorful flowers, I decided to turn the petals into an array of flower petal glitter.

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Creating with lids in preschool

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See more ideas on how to expand the learning in the preschool classroom by inviting the children to create with lids!

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The preschool art gallery

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Throughout part of our school year, we began saving a few pieces of the children’s artwork so to have a sampling of each child’s work that we could display in our simple preschool art gallery… It is always amazing to me how different artwork looks once you frame it or mount it on a colored background. […]

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Popsicle watercolor paint for preschool

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A wonderful exploration of color, smell, taste, and creativity using one simple ingredient! Popsicle Paint!

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Paintbrushes not required

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Simple and unique ways to paint without paintbrushes!

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Zz is for a zany zebra

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Exploring the letter Zz by making zebra stripes in preschool!

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Bumpy ball painting

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Around here you can find bumpy balls at just about any store. I picked up six bumpy balls from the Dollar Tree for some bumpy ball painting!

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Bubbles, bubbles

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Bubbles are the quintessential children’s toy!  They are inexpensive, easy to find, and can provide hours of entertainment.  Bubbles are a wonderful multi-sensory activity.  Today I’m sharing 10 ways to explore bubbles in your home or classroom… Let’s begin with the bubble blowing basics.  You will need some sort of bubble solution.  You can buy […]

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Xx is for x-ray!

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Before heading off for spring break, my students explored the letter Xx and the best word that I know of to examine the letter Xx is x-ray!

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