The Crayola Corner

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Providing lots of opportunity for children to explore drawing, writing, coloring, and painting in your classroom means gathering up supplies to keep available in your classroom. Come on over and enter to win the Back To School Crayola Corner Give-Away!

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Drawing and story telling with a purple crayon

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While I read the classic tale of “Harold and the Purple Crayon” to my students, I invited them to tell me their own purple crayon story.

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Stirring up colorful designs through sensory coloring

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The children had fun using jumbo sized crayons to stir up a colorful design through sensory coloring!

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Making simple crayon patterns in preschool

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Our Pre-k students explored the process of making simple patterns using crayons and a strip of paper

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Creating art with lines

Taping paintbrushes and crayons together creates a unique art experience while exploring lines in preschool.

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More than just a leaf!

Did you know a leaf can be much more than just a leaf? Come and see what our leaves turned out to be!

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Exploring shapes and oil in preschool

Exploring shapes and the property of oil on paper in preschool…

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We read Harold and the purple crayon in preschool

Reading and coloring with a purple crayon just like Harold did!

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Melted crayon art in preschool

Beautiful melted crayon art canvases made by our Prek class!

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Making fall leaves in preschool

Our class LOVED exploring crayon melting and making leaves. This was an idea we will definitely be trying again this year.

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A bundle of fun with these crayons in preschool

Our students love to color so we thought during our color review week, we would mix it up a little and let them try coloring with crayon bundles…. In almost every case, the children began by making the crayons go round and round on their paper… Trying to get all the crayons to touch the […]

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My busy book: Crayons

If you are planning a road trip or just need to keep a preschooler busy – try making a Busy Book! This busy book is My Crayon Busy Book… To make the Crayon Busy Book you will need 3-ring binder, some crayons, some paper, and sticky-back velcro. I used the velcro to attach the crayons […]

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