Here’s the scoop on crafts versus art in preschool

I just finished listening to the Bam Radio Show titled, "Arts versus Crafts in ECE: Which Matters Most?" The guest speaker was author MaryAnn Kohl who has written a whole collection of books all dedicated to promoting process focused art in the preschool classroom. The interview explored the differences between arts and crafts and touched on what is considered developmentally appropriate for young children. Let me begin by inviting you to hop on over to Bam Radio and [...]

Cookies for Santa cookbook

Our Kindergarten class made these wonderful "Cookies for Santa" cookbooks to give their parents as a Christmas gift. We happened to have a bunch of brown hot pads in a box that was supposed to be used for another project last year but never did. So our kindergarten teacher, Mrs. R., decided they would make great book covers. Mrs. R worked very hard on designing the process for making this parent gift so that the [...]

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Making hats for our Thanksgiving feast

The children are preparing their hats for our Thanksgiving feast so they can come to the feast all dressed up! We have our pilgrim hats and bonnets... And for our guests, the children have prepared their own Indian headbands... See the instructions to make similar pilgrim hats made by Naturally Educational. See this post for more Indian costume ideas from I Can Teach My Child.

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