Making horses in preschool with sticks and yarn

The past week the children at preschool have been exploring animals on the farm. In one of the activity boxes were craft sticks and some strips of yarn... It wasn't obvious to the children how these materials could be used to make farm animals so I sat at a table and made my own horse. I got a few giggles from the children out of it - I really don't see why:)... It didn't take [...]

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At play with playdough people in preschool

I recently acquired these little people shaped craft sticks. The craft stick people were unfinished so I painted a few of them blue and a few of them red... I am always looking to add new dimensions of play to the materials we already have in the classroom. So I added the people shaped craft sticks to the playdough table today... The children started off by simply exploring the two different kinds of materials by sticking the [...]

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Exploring and creating with craft sticks in preschool

I cannot stress the following message enough... Before preschoolers are ready to be creative... They need time to explore the materials! When introducing new tools or art mediums to young children, they need time to explore what happens when they manipulate the items before they will be ready to create with the items. The art activity on this particular day was to make shapes by gluing craft sticks to a piece of paper. This certainly [...]

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