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Popsicle watercolor paint for preschool

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A wonderful exploration of color, smell, taste, and creativity using one simple ingredient! Popsicle Paint!

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All pumped up for water play and moose track soap

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An amazing water play process that combines literacy, motor skills, and water play! You won’t want to miss the fun with this one!

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G is for [sugar] glass

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Sugar glass looks and feels almost like real glass only it is made purely of sugar. I prepared several batches of sugar glass to take to preschool and explore.

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DIY chalk paint

DIY Chalk Paint

Chalk paint is so simple to make and because it includes a little bit of chalk pounding, the process of making chalk paint is quite fun too.

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Puffy paint sunflowers

Puffy Paint Sunflowers

Using puffy paint to draw sunflowers in preschool promotes the use of our fine motor skills!

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Rainbow slime in preschool

Mixing up some rainbow slime in preschool!

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Making glue paint in preschool

How to make glue paint for preschool art. Super simple and fun to use!

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We made colored sand and fall leaves in preschool

We explored the process of making colored sand and colored sand leaf art.

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