Measuring and mixing with a dash of new vocabulary in preschool

After reading "Blueberries for Sal," we became "bakers" as one of my students observed and our little bakers made some blueberry muffins... We explored different kinds of measuring tools and cooking terms as we worked together to make our blueberry muffins... Our bakers took turns measuring and pouring in the different ingredients... Cooking presents such a great opportunity to introduce math, language, and new vocabulary... As we worked to measure and mix, we used words like ingredients, [...]

Grilling with preschoolers:pretend play

We had a little fun barbecue play today with our very own grill and accessories... There are several skills explored and concepts learned as we played today... Wy and I learned how to fold up our own table cloth... Tristan already knew how to fold his picnic blanket so he demonstrated this for us... We were reminded that when a grill is hot, we should never touch it with our fingers... Then we tried grilling up [...]

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Green eggs and ham in preschool

In celebration of Dr. Seuss Birthday we made real green eggs (sorry but without the ham) in our pre-k class... The children started out by listening to the story "Green Eggs and Ham" by Dr. Seuss... Then the children helped their teacher whip up a batch of their own green eggs to try. Connecting the literature through cooking is a terrific way to create memories and celebrate the story... Keep in mind that this was [...]

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Cookies for Santa cookbook

Our Kindergarten class made these wonderful "Cookies for Santa" cookbooks to give their parents as a Christmas gift. We happened to have a bunch of brown hot pads in a box that was supposed to be used for another project last year but never did. So our kindergarten teacher, Mrs. R., decided they would make great book covers. Mrs. R worked very hard on designing the process for making this parent gift so that the [...]

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The challenge of cooking in preschool

Cooking in preschool can be a challenging process - especially when you have 1 teacher to 10 three year olds. Every one wants a turn to stir, pour, crack an egg, and everyone wants to stick their finger in the batter no matter how many times they are told that they need to keep their hands on the outside of the bowl:) But even with all of these challenges, these brave teachers invest the time [...]