How we make our own snacks in preschool

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Cooking in the classroom can be challenging, but it can also be fun!  Our children love any opportunity to take part in preparing their own snack.  So it was no surprise that our pre-k students were so eager to make their own banana pudding cups for snack.  They would like to share with you how […]

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My, oh my! We like to make pies!

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We had two different kinds of pie on our agenda but to start off our pie making experiences, we read the book “I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie.”

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Cooking with kids: Fun Friday features

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Last week, the Discover and Explore team shared our ideas for cooking with kids and we asked our fellow bloggers to do the same.  Today I am highlighting a few easy recipes for children to make, mostly on their own… A Day in the Life of a Preschool Teacher gives us simple ideas to get […]

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End of the Rainbow Fruit Salad storybook giveaway

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We are reviewing the book “End of the Rainbow Fruit Salad” and giving away one free copy so check it out!

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Cooking in the classroom

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We recently spent a morning exploring different types of fruit.  With that fruit, we created a delicious rainbow fruit salad.  What we learned is that cooking in the classroom is about so much more than just measuring, slicing, and pouring.  It can be a multi-sensory experience… To begin our morning, we read a delightful story […]

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Snakes for snack

We’ve recently learned that the letter S makes the “ssss” sound like a slithering snake. To reinforce our new letter sound, we made snakes for snack.

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Twelve rainbows for kids to create and explore

Twelve wonderful and irresistible rainbow ideas for kids to create and explore!

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The exploration of taste

We explored a wonderful book about five senses and then followed it up by baking up our sense of taste!

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Play dough color surprise and play dough Ice cream cones

For our part of the play dough pledge, our class cooked up some play dough and then enjoyed a play dough colorful surprise!

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More read it and cook it!

More about cooking with kids in my preschool classroom!

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Read it and cook it!

Cooking is not something I consider to be one of my special gifts but cooking with kids is a must in the preschool classroom!

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Cooking up rainbow toast

Exploring rainbow paint as we made rainbow toast and rainbow pictures! You can see the live version on Fox News too!

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Fun with puffy paint and cupcakes in preschool

Making puffy paint icing for our paper cupcakes in preschool.

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Measuring and mixing with a dash of new vocabulary in preschool

After reading “Blueberries for Sal,” we became “bakers” as one of my students observed and our little bakers made some blueberry muffins… We explored different kinds of measuring tools and cooking terms as we worked together to make our blueberry muffins… Our bakers took turns measuring and pouring in the different ingredients… Cooking presents such a great […]

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Grilling with preschoolers:pretend play

We had a little fun barbecue play today with our very own grill and accessories… There are several skills explored and concepts learned as we played today… Wy and I learned how to fold up our own table cloth… Tristan already knew how to fold his picnic blanket so he demonstrated this for us… We were […]

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Green eggs and ham in preschool

In celebration of Dr. Seuss Birthday we made real green eggs (sorry but without the ham) in our pre-k class… The children started out by listening to the story “Green Eggs and Ham” by Dr. Seuss… Then the children helped their teacher whip up a batch of their own green eggs to try. Connecting the […]

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