Building with Texo [a Guidecraft educator review and give-away]

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Hop on over to learn more about Guidecraft Texo construction toys and then enter to win a 100 piece set of your own!

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Under construction with our DIY fix-it box

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To give us a place to store all the tools and to give my grandson a different way of playing with them while indoors, I was inspired to create a DIY fix-it box!

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Neighborhood under construction in preschool


This must be at the top of the my list of favorite days/activities we did in the preschool classroom last year. Stop by and see how we built our own neighborhood!

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More fun with fixing

Continuing with our morning of fixing things by fixing plates, knives, forks, spoons, and a few pictures too!

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Reading David McPhail and fun with fixing

Building on the book “Fix-It” by David McPhail, the children explore different tools that they can use to fix things in our preschool classroom.

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Lots of drops

My students loved engineering with gum drops but I missed a key opportunity in the process of leading my students to explore lots of drops! Come and learn with me how kids really do have the best ideas, we just need to learn to listen to them.

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Pppppp is for pumpkin painting, pouring, pounding, and playdough play

Exploring pumpkins through all kinds of play in our outdoor classroom!

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Making valentine critters in preschool

We made some super sweet valentine critter collages in preschool…

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Table top sandbox play in preschool

Table top sand play kept our preschoolers busy with their imaginations all week long!

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Our play dough is under construction in preschool

We pulled out the play dough and accessories but our construction workers had a better idea…

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