Fire safety week in preschool

Did you know that October is Fire Prevention month? Teachers all around the country will be using this opportunity to introduce the concepts of fire prevention and fire safety to their students.  As a teacher or parent of a preschool-age child, you may be wondering how to approach this subject in a developmentally appropriate manner, without scaring your child.  Today, I'd like to share with you a few resources that may be helpful in planning [...]

Building bookshelves for the preschool classroom

I still needed child-sized bookshelves for my classroom but not any more. Over the weekend my husband built me three of them... I gave him the measurements that I needed based on how many baskets I hoped to fit in each shelf as well as measuring the height of my tables.  I didn't want the shelves so tall that I couldn't see the children behind the shelves as they played but not so short that [...]

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We played fire station in preschool

We provided fire station activity boxes for our continuing study of community helpers. I shared the idea of making our own fire stations from a post I read at No Time for Flashcards... Along with the fire stations we set out some fire trucks and then added some waffle blocks to extend the play a little more.... The children liked having all the garage door openings to drive through and they made lots of "whirring [...]

Painting with hammers on houses in preschool

Another activity we tried in preschool was painting with hammers on houses! I wasn't able to catch this activity in action but here is the basic idea... A simple white house shape is glued to black construction paper... The children draw doors and windows on their houses. Dip the head of a toy hammer in tempera paint then hammer away on the house... A little messy but lots of fun!

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