Rainbow sensory play plus a rainbow linky!

I have a tendency to over-think or worry about what I plan for the children to do! Last week I decided that we should try adding rainbow bottles to our activity boxes... To make the colorful rainbow bottles, we simply filled the bottles about 3/4 of the way with water, added about 1/2 cup of cooking oil, and then added a few drops of food color. Then we used hot glue to permanently attach the [...]

Viewing our world through a colorful lens in preschool!

The children in this classroom have a very colorful view of their world! This classroom has the luxury of four large windows down low at child's eye view. I happened by the classroom the other day and noticed that the teacher placed see-through colored cellophane on the windows for the children to look through. There is an orange view... There is a yellow view... There is a purple view... And a red view... I had to see [...]

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Painting with colors in preschool: A repost because I wanted to add words!

Sorry about the long title! I just couldn't let this go without saying something. I always have something to say.... This is such a terrific example of how an art project can be so simple but so much fun. Sometimes, I think we over think the process of art and worry to much about the end results. I happened to drop by this classroom and the children were sponge painting colors on their sheet of [...]

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