Cotton ball clouds

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We recently spent a few days exploring different types of weather.  We also focused a great deal on raindrops and clouds.  This simple activity that I would like to share with you today sparked some great use of vocabulary and imagination… To begin our discussion on clouds, we read the book “It Looked Like Spilt […]

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Exploring raindrops and clouds in preschool

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The weather helper informed us that today’s weather was definitely going to be cold and rainy making it a perfect day to explore raindrops and clouds at our sensory table.

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Best of 2012 Blog Hop!

We are off to a new year but before moving on, my fellow bloggers and I are sharing a quick look back at our best posts of 2012. Each activity shared in this collection of activities was chosen by you, the reader, based on the number of visits each post received. Simply click on the […]

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Disappearing clouds

Making clouds disappear is almost like magic!

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Circletime fun with Cloudette!

Reading about clouds and then creating our own clouds with a little loofa painting!

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Clouds in jars and on the table top too!

This was an intriguing process of exploring clouds and wonderful colors that our preschoolers just loved!

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Weather word wall art in PreK!

Talking about the weather with young children during the month of March!

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Multi-folded paint rubbings

Creating blot paintings by folding the paper with multiple folds first then adding the paint…

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Black and white make gray for a cloudy day in preschool

Color mixing and painting clouds in preschool…

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We made spilt milk in preschool

  The book titled “It Looked Like Spilt Milk” by Charles G. Shaw has always been one of my favorite books to share in preschool. Today, the children read the book then we made spilt milk pictures… In one of our classes, the children used a bottle filled with white paint to make their pictures. […]

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