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Let’s Play the Put-Away Game!

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Learning about our preschool classroom and where things belong with this fun and simple “Put-Away” game!

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Ten tips to dealing with those troubling transitions

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Transitions can be a source of trouble in the classroom. Today, we are sharing a few tips for dealing with those troubling transitions…

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Our daily schedule in preschool

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Stop by and read all about our daily schedule in preschool. Then be sure to share your own schedule with us too!

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Signing in to preschool

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Part of our morning routine includes signing in on our clip board. Come and see how the process is going in our preschool classroom.

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Classroom management on the first day of school

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In the early childhood classroom, we can look at classroom management as a plan for what procedures our students will follow throughout each day as well as what the teacher’s role is in helping our students have a successful experience each day.

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A multipurpose interactive bulletin board

Learning to follow directions can be fun and interactive with this multipurpose interactive bulletin board approach.

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Exploring in the outdoor classroom

Exploring the outdoor classroom in preschool and the importance of setting up an equally inviting classroom environment.

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Classroom clutter clutters learning in preschool

A little discussion about how clutter impacts the children in the preschool classroom!

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The importance of a predictable routine in preschool

Sharing our daily routine and the importance of a daily routine in the preschool classroom.

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Preschool circle time idea | Grab a spot

  I am so blessed each day by the folks over at  Teach Preschool on Facebook! They are always giving me great ideas and when I hear of something really cool, I like to try it out. A few months ago, we were sharing ideas for sitting in circletime and among the many wonderful ideas, […]

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Leading preschoolers towards success

Last week, after our final rehearsal for the spring show the children wanted to speak on my real microphone. I happen to have come from my news segment at Fox 59 earlier that morning and so I played news anchor and interviewed the children…. The interview went something like this… Me:      “Good morning, […]

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How to clean up the preschool classroom

To keep your classroom clean, start by keeping a broom and dust pan by the sand table at all times… And keep old towels near the water table at all times… And be sure to have extra paper towels available for cleaning the tables… And keep plenty of baskets handy for sorting and putting away […]

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Getting preschoolers involved in classroom setup

Sometimes we, as adults, tend to think we should have everything just perfect and all set up before the children come into the classroom.  I agree that having things organized can help with classroom management and the flow of the classroom day but at the same time, it is also a good idea to save […]

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Organizing your teacher bag for preschool

I think I have hundreds teacher bags laying around. I get them from all sorts of places but mostly from conferences I attend. Several months ago, I shared how we organize our teaching materials for the week. My main purpose in using a teacher bag is to make transitions between activities go smoothly and to […]

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Using trays in the preschool classroom

In some of our classes, the teachers like to use trays to help with classroom management or organization… Trays can provide children with their own work space… Trays can help contain lots of pieces… Trays can be set up to invite different kinds of play, exploration, or creativity… Often times, teachers will use a tray […]

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The things that go on in our preschool classroom

Because most of my articles only focus on one activity at a time, it may look like there is nothing else going on in the classroom. So today, I wanted to show you how there are lots of things going on all at the same time… Each day, our teachers follow a lesson plan that […]

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